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Alvis Burris Cosmetic and Family Dentistry | Testimonials in Camden

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My family and I have been patients of Burris Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and specifically Dr. Burris for over 10 years.

My story is typical.  A bad dental experience as a child made me afraid, even as an adult, of the dentist.  Dr. Burris and his exceptionally professional staff has changed all that.  Whether it's a cleaning or a procedure, all things things are explained and he puts his patient at ease.  When I say pain free dentistry...I truly mean pain free.  Dr. Burris has not only my trust but also my respect.

We all look forward to going to the dentist now.  Thumbs up for Dr.. Burris.



OMG!  Never I repeat never eat a heath bar blizzard because it's like eating little rocks.  One night at work I treated my clerks and myself to Dairy Queen blizzards when all of the sudden something in my mouth felt plain wrong.  I left the clerks and went to find out what had happen.  Well to make a long story short I shattered a tooth (number12).  I went to Dr. Burris immediately (no appointment) and he took me right away.  Dr. Burris took every measure possible to save the tooth but it was not to be.  Dr. Burris gave me several options and I elected to have an implant.  He assured me that the worse part of the whole procedure would be the extraction of number 12.  Actually, the extraction was painless and the implant was a piece of cake. 

I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that I HATE to go to the dentist!  I've been going to Dr. Burris since he started his practice in Camden and I'm here to tell you that I have never had a bad experience in his chair.  He is very gentle and if he thinks your experiencing any discomfort he stops to make sure your okay.  I always smile when he is about to give me an injection because he has the needle hidden and tells me to close my eyes (like I don't know what's coming) but you know what I never feel the needle.  I could go on and on about what a great dentist I have with Dr. Burris but there is only one way to find out and that to become a patient before he gets fully booked and is not taking new patients. 

Just one other thing I forgot to mention he's a very nice person with a great sense of humor.

P.A. Darling


My Family and I have been patients of Dr. Burris for 8 years.  I have high anxiety about going to the dentist.  Burris Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, is the only dental office I have gone to that has made me feel at ease with the patience and kindness they show.  In my opinion, what makes their office #1 is Dr. Burris and his staff.  They are very professional, patient, kind and caring.  The atmosphere is very family friendly.

Dr. Burris is the absolute best!  He is such a humble man.  It is evident that he cares about his patients but his staff as well.  His knowledge and expertise makes him #1 in my book.  He takes time to thoroughly explain what any procedure entails.  With each and every appointment, my family and I have always received the best of care.

Dr. Burris and staff - Thank you for providing exceptional service and taking such good care of my family's teeth!


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